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Ungifted wizards

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Choose you character: you can be Noe the little wizard, or Zoe the little witch!These two are really discouraged, always in a bad mood; they can’t get any of their spells or potions right.
In order to get their magical power back, they will have to go on a great quest for colors in the bee, the mole and the fish kingdoms.
These little wizards will have to use all of their talent and intelligence:
- They will have to escape from the mole maze- Make sure they do not wake up the soldiers or Simon the fish king- Remember where the honey pots are hidden in the bee kingdom- Mix colors to discover their power- And a lot more games and activities like jumping with a parachute, flying, swimming and practicing their magic!
This interactive and fun tale is particularly suited for children between 5 and 8.
What you can do:
- Choose you character: a little wizard or a little witch - Discover 20 interactive and animated scenes across 4 amazing universes- Play 10 different games combining reflection, dexterity and speed- Adjust the difficulty level to your child’s age- Listen to the story in 2 languages: French and English- Listen or read the story by yourself- Over 30 minutes of discovery and pleasure- Dozens of secondary interactive and animated characters- Each universe has its own musical theme and sound effects
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